These Are The Best Paying Survey Sites To Make Some Quick Cash!

Taking surveys to make some quick cash online has been one of the most common tasks that everyday people do to earn an online income. Although many look to it as just a “side job” and a way to make some quick cash, survey sites can provide even a full-time income if someone were to work with them consistently.

However, all survey sites aren’t the same, nor are they created equal. Some pay more than others, and some may have fun tasks that you can participate in to earn money, but don’t pay so well. The only way to find out which ones will turn out to be the most fun and pay the most is simply from personal experience. Or, you can do your research and get advice from reputable resources and it’s great that you are here, because in our humble opinion, these are the best paying survey sites to make some quick cash.

I Say

I Say is first on our list because the members just won’t stop talking about it. It gets reported, over and over again, of people earning anywhere from $600 – $700 per month just from setting aside a few hours on a daily basis to take surveys. Not to mention, they even give you free products. In fact, they have been reported as the site that “keeps on giving.”

Survey Club

Similar to MyPoints which we will cover next, Survey Club allows its members to earn up to $50 per survey which is an outstanding pay rate for any survey. If some of their members are lucky, they can also get selected to do 5-minute surveys that pay as much to $115 – WOW!. Another great thing is that you can participate and become a member of Survey Club if you are at least 13 years of age. So, if you have any kids in your household, have them complete some surveys after their homework to help keep some money in their pocket and potentially bring more in for the household.

My Points

One thing about MyPoints is that it is much more than just a survey site. They also allow you to earn points redeemable for cash when you make online purchases. With that, if you consider yourself to be someone that is an avid shopper, then since you’re spending the money anyways, it only makes sense to purchase your products through My Points, right? Also, many people who just start out with MyPoints often report earning over $50 in just a matter of a couple hours and this is due to their $5 sign on bonus and the fact that their surveys are averaging $50 payouts.

Conclusion: These Are The Best Paying Survey Sites To Make Some Quick Cash!

These are only but a few of the plethora of survey sites that are on the internet, but according to statistics and what users have reported, these are the best paying survey sites for anyone that is looking to make some quick cash. An extra $500 to $1,000 per month in income is not uncommon when it comes to taking surveys. If you wanted to, you could make upwards of $5,000 or more per month with the sites that offer referral commissions.

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