Good At Writing? Get Paid For Writing Articles Online!

Maybe you had an epiphany. One day, you just decided to start writing and little did you know that you were pretty, darn good at it. Well, at least that’s how most writers come to discover that they are good at writing. Once they found that out, they then proceeded to figure out how to get paid for writing articles online.

Writing tends to be somewhat a tedious task for many people and that is why they are willing to pay to outsource any writing duties that they have to. It doesn’t matter if you have years of writing experience under your belt, or if you are a brand, spanking newbie to the industry just getting your feet wet. You too, can get paid for writing articles online and here are some ways that you can make that happen.

Use Contena

Using Contena can not only help you expand your clientele base to get more clients to work with, but it can also give you a variety of many, different writing projects that you can complete to get paid. How it works is people who are looking to hire writers simply make an account and post their projects with a brief explanation of it, the category in which it targets such as Social Media, Entertainment or Business, and they post how much they are willing to pay. From there, writers can go on and apply to be selected for the projects. If you’ve heard of Upwork, it is similar to that, except this is specifically for online writing jobs. Many writing projects can come your way simply by networking with people, but this is definitely a good tool that you will want to keep in your back pocket.

Start Your Own Blog

Rather than looking to be hired by others for your writing services, you can write for yourself and be independent. Starting your own blog will actually turn out to be more lucrative than any other method of writing. Blogging and article writing are essentially the same thing and two skills that you will need to learn, if you haven’t already, are typing skills and Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. Keep in mind that just publishing content isn’t enough. You will need to monetize the traffic that visits that content and you do this by offering them a product or service in exchange for monetary value.

Offer Writing Services To College Kids

Many professors may look at this as cheating, but in reality it isn’t. College kids must know how to utilize all of their resources to the best of their ability if they are to make it in the real world and this is exactly what they are doing. Their goal is to get the degree, nothing else. And if it means outsourcing their writing assignments so that they can focus on other things, then so be it. Just take a step back and think for a second. How many college kids are there in the US? Rhetorical question, but our point is that this is a HUGE market! And where there is a market of this size, you can bet that there is some great money being made. Offer writing services to college kids to allow them to turn in quality papers on time. You can even offer proofreading and grammar checks while you’re at it.

Conclusion: Good At Writing? Get Paid For Writing Articles Online!

While it helps to be good at writing, you don’t have to be if you want to get paid for writing articles online. We mentioned earlier that you will need to adopt typing skills so that you can effectively type up papers and articles online and once you get your foundation set, work on increasing your WPM or your words per minute. The faster you can type, the better off you will be.

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